Speed up chrome!

Use below options with caution. Many users have experienced issues with Chrome after tampering with these settings as of update 49 for Chrome.

With the release of Windows 10 many people have discovered Microsofts new browser; "Microsoft Edge".

It´s a good browser, no question about it.
But personally I´m not ready to give up the beauty of plugins in my browser,
and Microsoft Edge does not support any plugins what so ever. (Adblock any one?)

Now, the thorn in my eye is that Edge is fast. Very fast.
And Chrome has been getting a bit tired as of late.

Luckily you can speed it up!

As of today, there´s a few things you can tweak to make Chrome a fast browser again.

Surf to this url: chrome://flags
From here, you want to find and set these flags:

  • Enable experimental canvas features - Enable this

  • Number of raster threads - Set this to 4.

  • Maximum tiles for interest area - Set this to 512

  • Click "Relaunch now"

    That should give your surfing experience a little speed boost! :)

    Now, there are of course more simple and obvious ways of improving the speed of chrome.
    Such as removing performance impacting plugins, clearing cache etc. But the internet
    is full of articles about doing so. I´ll leave those kinds of fixes to you, the reader,
    to discover.

    Until next time.